The Community Council sets aside a budget allocation each year that is used to support local organisations.

Any organisation or group applying for a grant must have members living within the Community Council area who will benefit. Applicants should refer to the Policy on Financial Assistance to establish eligibility. Grants cannot be made to individuals, profit  making organisations, or national UK wide organisations unless the local branch can demonstrate that funds will be used for its own projects. The Community Council does not make loans.

Van Community Council is also committed to supporting young people from the local community with financial support to assist them to access educational, sporting and training opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to benefit from due to affordability. Van Community Council has committed a sum of funding during this financial year to provide financial help to students, who reside in the Van Community Council area, towards books, equipment, travelling expenses, etc., to help with the cost of education and training opportunities.

With all successful awards, Van Community Council request you to complete a short evaluation form to enable us to assess the impact the grant has had on your project and the local community.

Grant Evaluation Form