Register of Interests

Personal interests of Councillors including employment, landholdings in the community, family and business interests, and any membership and position of control (such as treasurer) in other organisations should be recorded in the ‘Register of Interests’ at the start of the term as a Councillor. Councillors should keep their registered interests up to date.

Gifts and hospitality received by any councillor should also be registered.

The Council must be seen to make decisions fairly and openly without having prejudiced the matter. If a member of the public might reasonably think a Councillor’s judgement on an issue will be influenced or prejudiced by the councillor’s personal interests, then a prejudicial interest should be declared by the Councillor. The Councillor should not take part in the debate or decision making on the matter. It may be prudent to leave the room while the matter is under discuss

Register of Interests 2024-2025

Register of Interests 2023-2024

Register of Interests 2022 -2023

Register of Interests 2020-2021

Declaration of Member’s Interest 2019-2020